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School management

Kings’ Education is a leading education consultancy, offering school management expertise to existing schools and investors of new school projects. 

Our highly skilled and experienced team successfully operates a portfolio of schools within the Middle East and understands every aspect of school start-up and management, from finance, operations and marketing to recruitment, professional development and educational excellence. 

Recognising that every school is different, we provide a tailored end-to-end management solution, creating schools that strengthen the community, honour the local culture and deliver a world-class education to each and every student in a business model that is robust and sustainable.

Our aim is to create some of the best schools in the world. We are passionate about education and have a proven track record of consistently achieving an “outstanding” and “very good” rating in the annual inspection conducted by DSIB across our schools. We adopt leading-edge practices to give our schools a competitive advantage and focus on delivering a rounded education that brings breadth and depth to what students learn. 

We strive to make sure education is the best it can possibly be and we are committed to improving education worldwide by giving schools everything they need to reach their potential.

Schools that join our family do so with confidence that they will thrive under Kings’ Management.

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