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At Kings’ School Dubai, we treat every day as one step along a learning journey designed to inspire children to become effective, enthusiastic, independent and lifelong learners.

Our unique curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England and Early Years Foundation Stage, but is influenced and contextualised by global issues and local opportunities, and personalised to meet the specific needs and interests of our international community of children.

The curriculum is also innovative and concept-based. This ensures children are provided with endless opportunities to develop their understanding, as well as knowledge and mastery of skills, in a deeper and more meaningful way. The skilful weaving of factual, conceptual and provocative questions into lessons encourages critical thinking, collaboration and debate at the highest level. We also provide children with opportunities to influence what and how they learn to further personalise their learning journey whilst also fostering ownership and engagement. In addition, the cross-curricular teaching approach at Kings’ further immerses children in their learning and inspires them to make connections within and across subjects.

The main curriculum is further enriched by specialist teaching of Arabic, French, Spanish (from Year 5) ICT, PE, Swimming, Music and Islamic Education. Children also have access to an impressive range of technology (including iPads), which help to equip, develop and promote skills for lifelong learning.

Read more detail in the pages under Learning to understand about the curriculum at each stage of your child’s learning journey.

Our values for Physical Education is to develop physical literacy to enable confident and competent learners across a variety of activities.